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EP 21 How To Not Underestimate Our Kids

September 28, 2021

Are you underestimating your kids?

I know it can be easy to fall into the trap of comparing your kids, speaking negatively about them, or only feeling stress and frustration when you spend time with them...but today I want to pull you out of that spiral and remind you of the brilliance of your children! 

Instead of blaming our children for our frustrations, let's remember the beauty of their little souls and bring a new energy into our homes. You, as the mother, have an incredible presence. You set the tone for the day. Let's start speaking life into our children, and leave the negative words behind. 

Today, I'm going to share five areas you may be underestimating your children, and how to encourage them to rise up and thrive!  

These years with your little ones are so precious. I hope you'll listen today and then go hug your kids! You're doing a great job, mama! Keep going! 


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